Hand and nail treatments

We have two treatments that we can offer a revarnish hands which involves fie and shape of the nails and polish applied. Or you can have a manicure which will tidy your nails up more with cuticle work  and a hand massage before the polish is applied.


Treatment types

We offer a wide range of treatments including combination treatments.

  • Manicure
  • Revarnish
  • Jessica GELeration (A tougher Gel polish that is cured and lasts two weeks and less likely to chip)
  • French Tips


How to prepare?

To pay for your appointment before you start the treatment also to have your car/house keys out to limit the chances of your newly varnished nails being smudged. Also if possible have all normal polish removed to make the treatment easier to do. 


What are the benefits?

  • Your nails look great!
  • Treatments are relaxing
  • Keeps nails healthy and strong
  • Less maintenance


How often?

People tend to have shape revarnish hands done to look after their nails every client is different some people have it done every 2 weeks to keep their nails strong other leave it to babe for a special occasion.



  • Avoid any house chores for a few hours to let the polish fully dry all the way through
  • To keep your nails to last longer than 7 days you can apply a thin base coat once after your treatment about 4 days after your appointment if liked 
  • Take polish off and let them breath for a couple of days before having them reapplied if having another appointment soon after
  • Apply the Jessica phenomenon oil to the nails once varnish has been removed this helps to keep them nourished and from splitting


Your Treatment


Our clients say

"I would recommend Kirsty I felt pampered and looked after and my nails have lasted a lot longer than they normally do. I will definitely be going back and having other treatments. "


"Loved getting my gel nails done by Kirsty, she has a wide range of colours to choose from and they have lasted ages. Loved them! Thank you!"


"Kirsty made me feel very relaxed and welcome. My confidence had been knocked many times through bad experiences of treatments that had been a disaster. Kirsty is very professional and has completely changed my experience to a good one. She is polite, friendly and excellent at what she does. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends."


"Kirsty is always bright and bubbly, listens to what I want and delivers perfectly every time!"


"Another wonderful Indian Head Massage with Kirsty. Thank you. Looking forward to having the new facial in a couple of weeks. Thank you again Kirsty."


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